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Non-rocket, non-reactive quantum engine: idea, technology, results, prospects

Vladimir S. Leonov, Oleg D. Baklanov, Mikhail V. Sautin, Georgy V. Kostin,
Alexander A. Kubasov, Sergey E. Altunin, Oleg M. Kulakovsky.
Published: // Aerospace Sphere Journal (ASJ) 2019, №1, pp. 68-75.

Vladimir S. Leonov, PhD., Supervisor and chief designer of the GK “Quanton”, Moscow, Russia, v.s.leon@mail.ru.
Oleg D. Baklanov, PhD., Advisor to RSC “Energia”, Moscow, Russia.
Mikhail V. Sautin, Lieutenant General retired, Moscow, Russia.
Georgy V. Kostin, PhD., Dr. Sci. (Tech), Professor, Voronezh, Russia, kostingv@mail.ru.
Alexander A. Kubasov, Tester of Space Technology, RSC “Energia”, Korolev, Russia.
Sergey E. Altunin, Engineer, Technical Director, GK “Quanton”, Bryansk, pbox@yandex.ru.
Oleg M. Kulakovsky, Engineer, General Director, GK “Quanton”, St. Petersburg, Russia, omk@quantongc.ru.
Annotation: The control tests of the two prototypes of non-jet propulsion of quantum engine KvD-1-2009 (model of 2009) with horizontal thrust and antigravitator KvD-1 with vertical thrust, were conducted on March 3rd, 2018 by a public commission of specialists chaired and initiated by the former Minister of General Machine-Building Industry of the USSR (space branch) Oleg D. Baklanov. KvD-1-2009 developed a specific thrust of more than 100 N/kW, which is more than 100 times more efficient than the liquid rocket engine (LRE).
Keywords: jet propulsion, non-jet propulsion, quantum engine, antigravity, quantum gravity, theory of Superunification, LRE, specific thrust force.
Download PDF link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Kn6Q8G443k85-Xq6v94d1V-kM1VjmuzE

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